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Mega Sports Camp

Mega Sports Camp

June 24, 2024 - June 28, 2024

We’d love for your child to join us at our MEGA Sports Camp event! All the kids who attend will choose one of these sports to focus on: Flag Football, Basketball, and Cheerleading. Kids will also enjoy upbeat rallies filled with energetic music, fun sports stories, and Bible stories that will help them discover character traits to help them excel in sports and life. MEGA Sports Camp Blaze a Trail invites kids to live an adventure with Jesus! Kids will learn that Jesus blazed the trail for our salvation! Athletes blaze trails when they set new records and act as extraordinary examples. To blaze a trail, you also must prepare yourself properly, commit despite the risks, endure through difficulties, follow the leader, and make your mark.

Each day your children will participate in sports training, games, snacks, and fun with other kids their age! Register TODAY at

P.S. Your child will get quality sports training, a T-shirt, snacks, fun awards, and extras all for an affordable $25 per child ($50 max per family) We’d like every child to come to our MEGA Sports Camp event, so ask about discounts or if you’d like your child to be considered for a scholarship. See you there!

June 24 - June 28
8:30 AM
12:00 PM

9 Knight Boxx Rd.

Orange Park FL, 32065

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