We have decided that we will be "re-launching" Calvary and will be resuming services as of May 17.

All classes & services such as Kid's Church, Youth, Nursery, M'pact, Royal Rangers, etc... will remain suspended until further notice. 

All ages are welcome to come to our regular Sunday & Wednesday services.

For those that are unable to join us, we will, as always, live stream our services here.

To keep in compliance with recommendations from the State and National Government, we will have many safety precautions that we ask you to please take into account and follow. 

1. Every other pew will be roped off and every section will be staggered roping compared to the sections to the left and right of your section.


2. We ask you to please keep 6 ft. distance from others.

3. All bathrooms will only allow one person at a time.

4. We will have multiple sanitation stations around the church and advise everyone to sanitize frequently.

5. We ask you to greet with smiles (Not handshakes or hugs).

6. We ask you to please wear a mask when possible.

We know that these changes will take some getting used to but we ask that you please do your best to adhere to them the best you can. If you have any questions please refer to the FAQ section below.


                                  Thank You!


When will services take place?

Is there something for my kids?

     Are you still accepting             food donations?

What precautions will be in place to ensure my health?

Will you be live streaming services?

Are there still going to be         drive-in services?


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