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Our Mission Statement

At Calvary we connect to Jesus, cultivate community, and carry hope.

Our Values

1. Christ and Spirit led

We believe in cultivating a culture of grace and truth through Jesus, holding each other accountable in love, and learning to live in the power of God’s Spirit and Spiritual Gifts.

2. Community Minded

We believe that the most effective way to share our faith happens through loving, serving, and inviting other people to Christ. Evangelism is a lifestyle of leading others to Christ one by one and through community outreach.

3. Relationally Focused

We believe in intentionally building healthy relationships by encouraging everyone to join a cGroup to grow in our relationship with Christ and others.

4. Globally Reaching

We believe we have a scriptural mandate to go into all the world to share the Gospel. This is accomplished through planting churches, sending missionaries, partnering in prayer, and giving.

5. Pursuing Excellence

We believe that God is worthy of our very best. Excellence requires a consistent willingness to improve for the sake of God’s kingdom and ministry growth.

6. Leading Generously

We believe because Jesus gave His life for us, we will lead our lives generously by giving of our time, abilities, and resources.

7. Honoring and Celebrating

We believe that in acknowledging and valuing one another, we build each other up, create unity, and display the love of Jesus.

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